12:16 | February 11, 2015


Julianh_YPITSnewyorkOm några dagar lanseras ett helt nytt varumärke av supermodellen Mathias Bergh, Your Place In The Sun eller YPITS. Han använde sig av trenden svart och vitt med stora grafiska print som ni vet att jag tokgillar. Jag fick välja en med min favoritstad på (där jag planerar att bo i framtiden) lite i förväg men de kommer att säljas på NK här i Stockholm och Göteborg och priset kommer vara 900kr.


In a few days supermodel Mathias Bergh launches his new brand, Your Place In The Sun or YPITS. He used the trend black and white with large graphic print that you know I love. I got to choose one with my favorite city on (where I plan to live in the future) a bit in advance but they will be at NK here in Stockholm and Gothenburg and the price is going to be 900kr.

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  1. fabienne on

    this sweater is really nice, i love the back. :) but i must say i am still SO in love with your new hair!!! it looks really so goood!!!! i also noticed that before you coloured your hair you mostly wore something on your head, either a hat or a snap, but since you have blonde hair i didnt see any pic in which you covered your head, so i think you are quite happy with the result too ;)


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