11:16 | May 27, 2015


JulianH_berlin2JulianH_berlin5JulianH_berlin1JulianH_berlin3Snapshots from yesterday

God morgon från BERLIN! Den här gången är jag här tillsammans med HTC och testar deras nya HTC One tillsammans med Sharare, Roshana, Lisa Tellbe och Linn Hansson. Nu har vi precis ätit frukost och ska snart iväg på en utställning. Bättre bilder på den här outfitten kommer.


Good morning from Berlin! This time I’m here together with HTC trying their new HTC One with Sharare, Roshana, Lisa Tellbe and Linn Hansson. Now we just had breakfast and soon it’s time for an exhibition. Better pictures of this outfit coming soon. 

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  1. fabienne on

    this outfit though…julian you kill me with your perfect style. the jeans is so perfectly destroyed, did you customize them?

    btw your snapchat is so funny but your are SO mean cuz you always film other people while they eat or arent prepared hahaha oh i would hate you for that.


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